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Staff Member

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Group: Affiliated Faculty / Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

(817) 272-9337



  • PhD. University of Texas at Austin, 2008

  • M.Sc. Aero/Astro Stanford University, 2000

  • B.Sc. ASE University of Texas at Austin, 1994

Areas of Expertise: Global Positioning System (GPS) and GPS receiver performance, spacecraft systems engineering, embedded system design, software development

Background: Ben Harris has fifteen years of R&D experience with navigation and telecommunication satellite systems. For the majority of that time he worked at Applied Research Laboratories, the University of Texas at Austin, on a project that enhanced the performance of the GPS system. During that period he helped establish the open source project the GPS Toolkit. He has focused on how receivers can mitigate the impact of signal reflection (multipath). He is exploring a variety of techniques, including the application of software receivers and new antenna designs. He is also interested in developing new space system architectures. His current interest is the development of chip-scale spacecraft or chipcraft. Chhipcraft would feature dynamic capabilities not possible in their larger brethren such as CubeSats. In particular, chipcraft can modify their orbits using solar pressure. Also, because chipcraft would function in clouds or massive clusters, chipcraft have a high reliability and can be replenishe