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Staff Member

Caleb Nothnagle

Caleb Nothnagle

Research Scientist II

Group: Research / Biomedical Technologies



Caleb Nothnagle is a Research Engineer working at the UTA Research Institute’s Biomedical Device Division with focuses on control system electronics, programming, and system integration.

Caleb received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering while interning at the UTA Research Institute and was hired shortly after to become a full-time staff member to aid in the research and development of MEMS devices for micro/nano-scale manipulation and precision packaging. Upon joining the Biomedical Device Division, Caleb has worked on the development of pneumatic control systems used for actuation of soft robotic rehabilitation devices, preventative care systems, and the application of negative pressure wound therapy for tissue regeneration.  In addition to this work, his mechanical designs have been applied to the fitting of soft actuator systems to the human body for greater motion compliance and comfort and he has been an integral part in the development and fabrication of an implantable peripheral nerve interface.

 His other interest include his cat and two dogs, tradable card games, getting around to fixing his house, coffee, and making lights blink with Arduinos.“