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Staff Member

Haiying Huang

Haiying Huang

Associate Professor

Group: Affiliated Faculty / Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

(817) 272-0563


Professor Huang has extensive industrial and academic experience at Bell Laboratories, FMC Corporation, and Purdue University prior to join the University of Texas at Arlington. Her research interests are focused on the development of various sensing technologies for structural health monitoring and material damage state evaluation. Dr. Huang’s current research projects include the development of whitelight interferometry-based optical fiber sensors for absolute distance measurement, the study of early fatigue damage using 3D surface profiling, and the development of MEMS optical fiber sensors for real time monitoring of material microstructural changes. Dr. Huang has received research funding from federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). She has published in various peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Huang also has three US patents and disclosures related to innovative instruments and optical fiber sensors. Dr. Huang is a member of ASME, IEEE, and SPIE.