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IEEE CASE 2016 Workshop on Automation for Assistive Healthcare

IEEE CASE 2016 Workshop on Automation for Assistive HealthCare

Workshop Overview

This workshop will introduce participants to new application areas for automation in assistive healthcare. We will discuss its progress and future opportunities with relation to better clinical outcomes and improving the standard of care. Recent technological advancements in sensors, robotics, computing, and artificial intelligence allows for the development of systems with better compatibility with human use. This allows for the leveraging of these devices’ innate advantages in measurement, application of intended care, and availability within various healthcare situations for independent living, rehabilitation and prosthetics. Assistive device healthcare is one of the most important applications for researchers, engineers, and stakeholders looking to improve the human condition and quality of living through technology.

This workshop is intended to provide technology updates from experts in academia. Sub topics will be Independent Living, Rehabilitation, as well as Assistive and Preventative Care. Selected research on Assistive Devices & Systems will be provided by oral presentations followed by short discussion on the given topic. This workshop will be an excellent opportunity for academia, industry, and government communities as it will highlight the current state of the art, identify gaps, and discuss potential solutions.

List of topics and speakers:

  1. Automation in Physical and Neurological Rehabilitation (Dr. Muthu Wijesundara,
  2. Use of motion capture and virtual reality to provide efficacy for positive rehabilitation outcomes (Dr. Rita Patterson,
  3. Towards unified control of prosthetic legs with a human-inspired phase variable (Dr. Robert Gregg,
  4. A prosthetic liner for interface shear/pressure sensing (Dr. Haiying Huang,
  5. Pressure Ulcer Prevention Using Soft, Non-Grasp Manipulation in a Force bed (Dr. Alan Bowling,
  6. Diabetic foot ulcers: revisiting pathomechanics (Dr. Metin Yavuz, )

Schedule and Location

  • Date: August 21, 2016
  • Schedule: 14:30-18:00
  • Location: The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Room: TBD
  • Muthu Wijesundara, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Jeongsik Shin, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Woo Ho Lee, University of Texas at Arlington