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IPPM Competitive Scholarship


Request for Applications for IPPM Competitive PhD Scholarship


UTARI’s Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies develops applied science and engineering that demonetizes the conception, development, and application of engineered materials and structures, and the risk of using them in society. Areas of interest include engineered materials design, manufacturing, characterization, and prognostication of strength and life of as-manufactured parts and in-service material and structural systems.

PhD student personnel expertise is needed to augment capabilities at UTARI. Requirements of this position include demonstrated capability for conformal, multi-functional, multi-scale modeling of coupled response of heterogeneous materials. 

Scholarships will be awarded to selected students for $1000/year.

Application Procedures

Applications should be emailed to  with a subject COMPETITIVE PhD SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION by the

Application Due Date:  Close of Business on 22 December 2015

Email ONLY your resume, no additional documentation.  Be sure your resume contains the standard information including:

Education, experience, awards, software expertise, hardware expertise, previous projects done, publications, interests.

This is a highly specific competitive scholarship.  Applications not conforming to the Basic Requirements will not be considered.  Additional Qualifications will enhance the competitiveness of the application.

Basic Requirements

UTA PhD student Spring 2016.  Preference will be given to those with at least 2 semesters remaining at UTA.

Experience in ABAQUS, COMSOL Multi-physics

Composite Materials Damage simulation

Additional Desired Qualifications

Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy

Mechanical Testing

Selection Committee: Dr. Eileen Clements, UTARI Director of Research;  Rassel Raihan, Laboratory Director UTARI-IPPM ;  Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider, Director of  Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies at UTARI and Presidential Distinguished Professor, MAE.

Please note that the competitive scholarship option will allow non-residents eligible for in-state tuition.