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Advanced Manufacturing

Multimode Assembly and Packaging Systems

Multimode Assembly and Packaging Systems (MAPS) offer customized rapid prototyping and on-demand pilot production solutions for new and existing products. These manufacturing means provide unique sets of custom integrated hardware, along with sophisticated software and advanced automation techniques that enable cost and time efficiencies.

Electro-Hydro-Dynamic Printing

EHD Printer

Electro-Hydro-Dynamic (EHD) Printing uses electric fields instead of thermal or acoustic energy to deliver ink to a base material or surface. The printing capability is highly attractive for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, given faster and cheaper device iteration cycles. EHD printing also enables creation of features smaller than a dispensing nozzle size. The EHD technique can provide low-cost, front-end device fabrication (e.g., gas sensors or thin-film transistors) as well as back-end packaging (e.g., epoxy dispensing and interconnect printing).


Automated Assembly System

Automated Assembly System UTARI is in the process of developing custom manufacturing systems for Lockheed Martin. To suit the low-volume production needs of the industry, the new systems are designed to be significantly low-cost, rapidly reconfigurable, and easy to deploy and operate with high reliability.