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Biomedical Technologies

Assistive Medical Technologies

Knee Model Surgical Simulator

UTARI, in collaboration with surgeons at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, has developed a prototype for a low-cost knee simulation system for arthroscopic surgery training. The system includes all of the relevant bones, ligaments, and tissue associated with the knee joint, and allows parts that wear out often to be easily replaced. The knee model surgical simulator will also provide feedback if bones or tissues are inadvertently damaged during surgery, providing clinicians realistic training with no risk to patients.

Knee Simulator



Smart Seat Cushion

Smart Seat Cushion

Pressure ulcers remain a significant problem for elderly, paralyzed, and seriously injured patients who spend long periods of time in beds or wheelchairs. UTARI is developing a “Smart Seat Cushion” designed to reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers in sedentary patients. The research focuses on development of a seat cushion that actively monitors and redistributes local pressure. The automated cushion can be utilized in situations where manual repositioning and shifting is currently employed to alleviate pressure points in an effort to prevent pressure ulcer formation.