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Biomedical Technologies

Prosthetic Devices and Interfaces

This focus is on two distinct areas of prosthetics. One focus aims to enhance long-term socket performance/fit of prosthetics with novel interface technology. The second area of focus is investigating using neuro-electrical interface to control robotic prosthesis using signals from peripheral nerve.

Smart-Fit Dynamic Interface

Prosthetic InterfaceThe Smart‐Fit Dynamic Interface is an active interface between the prosthetic socket and the residual conditions due to the ambulatory state of the wearer. To achieve this, the Smart‐Fit Dynamic Interface will couple pressure sensors with pressure actuators that will use closed‐loop, active control to distribute the high pressure loads throughout the interface. The pressure actuators are capable of compensating for pressure changes due to ambulation and volume change of the residual limb, which will provide a consistent comfort level at all times. Research is carried out in collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology and South Carolina Research Association.

Neural Electrode Array Neural Array

This work aims to develop a  neuro-electrical interface to assist in the ability to control movement of a robotic prosthesis. The neuro-electrical interface consists of a set of electrodes that connect to peripheral nerves in an effort to allow communication between the body and the robotic prosthetic device.