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Biomedical Technologies

Publications and Conference Papers



J. Michalik, E. Moss (Clements), M. Graff, M. Anderson, T. Holmes, C. Cason, J. LeFlore, “Enhancing healthcare education through the addition of controllable temperature and capillary refill functionality in patient simulators,” International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, Orlando, FL, USA, 2009.

D. Wawro, S. Zimmerman, Y. Ding, R. Magnusson, E. Moss (Clements), J. Michalik, “Development of a flow cell system to quantify analyte-receptor binding kinetics utilizing guided-mode resonance sensors,” NSTI Nanotech 2009, Houston, TX, May 2009.

Conference Papers


Mayyas, M., Yih, TC., 2003. Analytical Modeling of Circular Micropump Membrane Actuated by an Electromagnetic Actuator. TexMEMS V Conference and Workshop (Fort Worth, TX, May 2003).