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Product Engineering

Current Product Engineering Research

Micromanufacturing Innovation for Technology Transition

This multi-million dollar project investigates a novel Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) architecture. The FMS involves the integration of two main development tracks: 1) the Design for Multi-scale Manufacturability (DfM2), which deals with finding realistic, reliable, and commercially viable solutions to utilize robotic hardware and software in a product for manufacturing a diverse array of products, and 2) the Modular & Reconfigurable Manufacturing Cell (MRMC), which is tasked to develop the appropriate robotic hardware and software to enable the FMS as analyzed and designed by DfM2.  


Another part of this research effort is the development of the Multimodal Assembly and Packaging Systems (MAPS). MAPS offers customized rapid prototyping and on-demand pilot production solutions for new and existing products through unique sets of custom integrated hardware, along with sophisticated, on-the-fly reconfigurable software and advanced automation techniques that enable cost and time efficient productization. Currently these systems are being employed to carry out specialized product assembly and packaging, pre-packaging and post-packaging inspection, and more.

Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research

A Fieldable Speciation Capable Green Analyzer for Arsenic

Based on the fundamental research of Dr. Purnendu Dasgupta at UTA's Chemistry Department, this project addresses the need for on-site, real-time arsenic measurement of ground water to quantify the toxic levels of different arsenic types. The result will be a hand-held prototype of an environmentally-friendly, field-ready arsenic analyzer. Chipotle Business Group is the industry partner on this effort that will take this technology to market.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF-PFI: AIR-TT)