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Work with Us

UTARI welcomes outside researchers and industry leaders to use our equipment and tap our expertise. We also frequently host symposiums, consortia, and events to bring together our partners to focus on specific issues.

Bringing Ideas to Life

UTARI’s facility and equipment is available for use to interested organizations and individuals on a pay-for-use basis. The intent is to attract users who need space, equipment, and perhaps technology that would otherwise be unaffordable or impractical for their own projects or research.

A full range of machines and equipment to support advanced manufacturing engineering and prototyping is available, as is equipment unique to robotics research and design. We also have equipment focused on medical technology available for use.

The following list highlights only a portion of what is available for use:

Procedures are in place to ensure users are properly vetted, trained, and supervised on the equipment they wish to use, reserving time in the appropriate lab and on the machines they need, and for payment. These comprehensive procedures can be found on the UTARI website, as well as the details on costs and the full list of available equipment. They are not intended to be cumbersome or difficult and we encourage and want external users.

Pricing for use of the facility and equipment is reasonable and in line with what other centers that provide the same capabilities charge. Some equipment is available for no charge, such as machine shop tools, and other equipment may be unavailable due to the expense of the system and/or its use in other UTARI projects. In any case, UTARI will work with each interested party on an individual basis to support what they wish to do.

Available Office and Auditorium Space
Available Office and Auditorium Space

UTARI has a variety of space available to accommodate symposiums, workshops, or meetings large and small.

Collaborative Research
Collaborative Research

We welcome partnerships with industry, academia, and other interested parties. UTARI has the equipment, the facility space, and a talented team of researchers to assist you with your product manufacturing or development needs.