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Team Activities

Team Activities

The Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management System (FMS) team members are currently working closely with UT System Shared Services on a six-month Surge Project. The Surge Project is comprised of three bands of effort:

  • Sponsored Research Data Clean-up and Reconciliation - Huron Consulting to lead effort to reconcile data in PeopleSoft Grants to actual expenditures, invoices, and collected reimbursements.
  • PeopleSoft Remediation – Huron Consulting to lead effort in recommending and developing design specifications for enhancements and reports to support Research Administration.
  • Continuation of Shared Services PeopleSoft stabilization project to address top issues submitted by all institutions.

The duration of the Surge Project is from April to September of 2015. Video conference with Chancellor’s office and campus Presidents is held weekly to review progress and discuss any project challenges.

Recent accomplishments are posted under “Announcements”. Following lists upcoming enhancements and work currently in progress:


  • FMS workflow including
    • Journal
    • PO and non-PO voucher
    • Requisitions and PO
    • Travel & Expenses
  • SpeedChart has been added to Travel & Expenses to allow easier and more accurate data entry of ChartField strings. Budget Check for Travel & Expenses will be available when workflow for Travel & Expenses is deployed at a later date.
  • PI Portal and PI WorkCenter

Human Resources

  • Payroll Assignment Report – This report shows employee’s position, department, check #, total earnings, hours worked, distribution, deductions, tax, project/cost center totals. The report can be run by project or cost center.



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