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08/18/2015:  New Salary Reports

Two new salary reports, Salary by Cost Center and Salary by Project ID, have been created in UTShare and are available to users who have the following access levels:

  • Level III and Level III-Reconciler
  • Level V and Level V-Reconciler

Both reports are available through the following Navigation:

Main Menu>UTZ Customizations>Commitment Accounting>Reports>

Salary by Cost Center

a)      Enter Set ID “UTARL”.

b)     Enter Fiscal Year (e.g. 2015).

c)     Enter Accounting Period (e.g. 1 = Sept, 2 = Oct, etc.).

d)     Enter Cost Center or leave the field blank for all Cost Centers.

e)     Enter Empl ID or leave the field blank for all employees.

Salary by Project ID

a)     Enter Project Costing Business Unit “UTASP”.

b)     Enter Project Costing Project ID or leave the field blank for all

PC Project IDs.

c)     Enter Fiscal Year (e.g. 2015) and then the Accounting

Period (e.g. 1 = Sept, 2 = Oct, etc.).

d)     Enter Empl ID or leave the field blank for all employees.

07/31/2015: 2015 Fall Assignments

Important information to assist departments in processing Fall 2015 assignments. Open labs schedule also included.

If you have questions about this topic, please call Human Resources at 2-5554 (Read more)

06/22/2015: New ProCard Transaction Register Report

A ProCard Transaction Register report is now available for departments to generate.  This report has been createdto provide detailed ProCard information to help aid in the Statement of Accounts reconciliation process.

The ProCard Transaction Register contains information such as:

  • Transaction Description
  • General Ledger Account (e.g. 42206 – Membership Dues)
  • ChartField string associated with the expense line
  • ProCard payment voucher reference number
  • Merchant information
  • Relevant Dates (e.g. Transaction Date, Merchant Post Date, etc.)

Read More

06/08/2015: Retro Re-Distribution Process

Effective with the June 22nd semi-monthly payroll, retro redistributions for all pay groups will now be processed with each payroll cycle.

UTA Flow forms completed and approved prior to the UTA Flow Form Deadline date, noted on the payroll calendar, will be processed with that payroll cycle. 

An additional run for retro redistributions will be processed during the week between the two semi-monthly payroll runs.  Specific dates for this additional run are now included on the payroll calendar. 

The changes to salary expense resulting from the retro redistribution process will be posted to the cost center/project through a separate payroll journal identified as a “reallocation journal” for easy identification.

The payroll calendar can be accessed at the following:

If you have questions about this topic, please call the Budget Office at 2-5500.

05/08/2015: 2015 Summer Assignments Presentation (Updated Version)

Processing Summer 2015 Assignments Presentation

05/07/2015: Salary Encumbrances

Effective Friday, May 8th salaries will be encumbered in UTShare.  At this time, fringe benefits will not be encumbered.  Attached is a document that contains additional information about the definition of encumbrances, how encumbrances are calculated in UT Share, and queries that will provide information related to encumbrances.

If you have questions about this topic, please call the Budget Office at 2-5500. [read more]

05/06/2015: Job Summary Access

At the request of the employees of UT Arlington, our Shared Services partners have created a screen to resemble the previous screen in *Define called “AL1”. The new screen is called “Job Summary”.

NOTE:  This is only available to UTShare users with the following access levels:   

  • Level III and Level III-Reconciler
  • Level V and Level V-Reconciler

To view the Job Summary page:

  1. Begin by navigating to the Main Menu > UTZ Customizations > Human Resources > Job Summary.
  2. The Job Summary search page is displayed.  Enter the Empl ID of the employee you want to view.
  3. Click Search.
  4. The Job Summary page is divided into 7 tabs: General, Job Information, Work Location, Salary Plan, Compensation, Distribution, Contract (The Contract tab will only be populated if the employee is a faculty member).  This page is used to view job history, current job information, budget, and payroll information.

NOTE:  You will only be able to see the information for individuals in your department.

If you have any questions, or have problems accessing the page, please let us know.  Office of Human Resources, ext. 25554.

04/24/2015: Budget Transfers and Journals

Campus users now have access to view Budget Transfers and Budget Journals in UT Share. 

  • The Budget Transfer page is used to view transfers between and within Cost Centers. 
  • The Budget Journal page is used to view budget adjustment and other journals processed by the Budgets & Financial Planning office.

03/12/2015: Speedchart is now available in the Travel and Expenses Module

A recent update was made to the Travel and Expenses module and a Speedchart field is now available from the Accounting Detail page.

The Speedchart field quickly populates data into chartfields. The Speedchart is the same as the Cost Center and/or the Project ID.

02/09/2015: Payroll Analysis Report

A Payroll Analysis report is now available for departments to generate. This report has been created to provide salary and benefit information for all employees associated with a specific department. The Payroll Analysis report contains information such as, the funding source, Longevity Pay, Premium Sharing, Employer Matching, etc.    

Department Reconcilers and/or the Department Head can simply log into UT Share and generate the report at their convenience.

Note:  You will only be able to generate the analysis report for your department.

The report is generated using the BI Publisher tool in UT Share. It can be produced in the following manner:

  • The report can be generated for a single accounting period or a period range.
  • You can generate the report for one employee or all employees in your department.
  • Run the report for a specific Cost Center/Project (or all).
  • Generate the report as an Excel file; which allows you the flexibility to manipulate the data as needed.  Or, you may generate the report as a PDF file.

Please refer to the attached document for instructions on how to generate the Payroll Analysis report. 

If you have any questions on how to run the report, contact Business Affairs Training and Development (  For questions regarding the report or its content, contact Payroll Services at ext. 2-5426 or

10/17/2014: Statement of Account

The Statement of Account (SOA) is an official listing of all financial activity posted to a Cost Center or Project.

Reconciliation Process

The reconciliation process is a comparison of the SOA to departmental records. Reconciliation should be performed on a monthly basis. This process is necessary to make sure that expenditures charged and revenues collected by the department were properly approved and applied to the correct Cost Center or Project. Any differences revealed by the reconciliation process should be promptly pursued and resolved in a timely manner. The process of reconciliation ensures the accuracy and validity of financial information.


09/20/2011: UTShare introduces new logo, slogan, and key messages

COLLABORATIVE ENERGY: Two concentric circles joined together, running through one another, create an unending path that evokes reliance, while subtly alluding to the atomic unit and the creation of energy. The assignment of color designates one ring as that of "UT" and the other as the project "Share" and how they are transparently interconnected.

UTShare has adopted the logo above, which will be used to provide additional recognition for the PeopleSoft Implementation project.

Additionally, the following slogan and key messages will be shared with the community:

UTShare: Solutions to Support Unlimited Possibilities

  • Partnering to create a unified HR and Finance solution
  • Gaining cost efficiencies through economies of scale
  • Streamlining business processes to improve service delivery
  • Providing access to information to facilitate decision making

The UTA community is encouraged to download and use the logos (zip file includes alternate logo) when referencing UTShare @ UTA. Email with any questions.



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