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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of research do you do?

    We are currently working on lots of different projects, in different fields like surgical simulation with haptics, wireless technologies, image registration, photogrammetry, etc. To know about out latest research, please see our research section here.

  • I want to apply for GTA/GRA. How do I go about it? How can I become involved in research?

    For a GTA, you would have to apply to the EE department. For a GRA, you can contact Dr. Devarajan directly.

  • What curriculum background should I have for research at VEL?

    For the virtual environment lab, a strong background in graphics is recommended, but is not mandatory. You can discuss your course requirement with your graduate and thesis advisors.

  • What are the facilities provided at the lab?

    VEL houses multiple high end PCs, four Sensable Haptic Devices together with the framework to hold long stemmed surgical instruments and a large suite of software products to assist in our research.

  • How long does it typically take to finish a thesis?

    Theses can take anywhere from one semester to three, or more. Typically though two semesters is enough.

  • I have a couple of ideas for research. Would you be interested in them?

    Yes of course! We are always looking out for innovative and creative research topics. Suggestions are always welcome. Please see the contact page here to get in touch with someone at the lab.

  • Is thesis/research a good option for me?

    If you are dedicated, self-motivated and are looking for new ways to challenge yourself, then definitely thesis/research is a good option for you.



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