DEI Professional Development Opportunities

Diversity Certificate Program

for UTA Faculty and Staff

UT Arlington's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are launching a new Diversity Certificate Program available to all faculty and staff. This program partners with subject matter experts to accelerate UTA’s diversity efforts while offering professional development programming to participants. Additionally, the program will help further the Office of DEI’s mission of enhancing UTA's welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment and educating employees on how to actively foster and support DEI principles in the workplace. This program is open to all UTA employees, and participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

About the Program

The Diversity Certificate Program is comprised of two core workshops all participants are required to complete along with a minimum of five electives. Participants are encouraged to take workshops and electives in whatever order helps resolve immediate business challenges and support professional development needs.

Core workshops

All participants can take each of the program’s two core workshops.

  1. Diversity in the Workplace
  2. Principles of Community


All participants must choose and complete a minimum of five electives, some of the titles of the workshops are listed below.

  1. Membership has its privilege
  2. Leveraging emotional intelligence
  3. MavAlly
  4. Bystander intervention
  5. Microaggression
  6. Serving those who serve
  7. Digital accessibility-Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF
  8. Implicit Bias
  9. Change your world
  10. Racial equity-Habit building
  11. Facing racism and the emotional tax in the workplace
  12. Respect in the workplace-Title IX
  13. Cross-cultural communication
  14. Search committee - Interrupting bias
  15. Managing different generations
  16. Fostering a climate of inclusion, sensitivity, and respect
  17. The role of the department and search chair in the hiring process

Benefits of Participation

Participating in and completing the Diversity Certificate Program will equip you with the tools to create and commit to organizational priorities, such as mitigating bias in hiring, conducting inclusive meetings, and building diverse relationships with stakeholders.

Set yourself apart by gaining the skills you need to:

  • Hire and foster an inclusive team  
  • Communicate effectively and value diverse perspectives  

Through the completion of this certificate, you will:

  • Develop the competencies needed to understand DEI as a competitive advantage  
  • Learn from facilitators with real-world experience in navigating, managing, and leading cultural diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • After completing seven workshops, you will receive a certificate at a ceremonial event

Diversity Certificate Program

How to Enroll

Have questions about the Diversity Certificate Program? Email us at

The Diversity Certificate Program is available to all UTA faculty and staff. There is no cost associated with enrollment in this program. By enrolling, we can help track your progress toward completing the certificate and keep you informed about upcoming programs and professional development opportunities.

Enroll Now

Workshops in the Diversity Certificate Program begin during the remainder of the fall 2021 term. Upcoming workshop session dates can be found on the DEI Training page.

View Workshop Sessions

NOTE: You may submit to (one) workshop that you have taken within the past 12 months to be counted towards your seven. Include the title, date, and hours of the workshop.

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DEI Professional Development Fund Information


The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Professional Development Fund is designed to support staff in participating in DEI professional development and career advancement opportunities. Its purpose is to enhance UTA’s welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment, educate employees on how to foster and support DEI principles in the workplace, and retain talented staff by supporting career development and upward mobility.

The DEI application will cover amounts not covered by the applicant’s department up to $2,000. The DEI Application must be submitted no less than 60 days prior to the event. Applicants must meet the Eligibility Criteria to receive funding.

Please fill out this form for further information: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Professional Development Fund (

Please direct any questions to:

Eddie Freeman, Executive Director

Loretta M. Pequeño
Talent Sourcing Specialist