Online Courses for International Students Outside the U.S.

SPRING 2021 Online Courses for International Students

UTA is aware of the difficulties posed by COVID 19 for our international students. In response to these challenges, UTA is offering a range of courses that fit the degrees being taken by the majority of our international students.

The spring 2021 courses below have been selected for international students who are studying from outside the U.S. We encourage you to discuss with your academic advisor how the courses fit into your degree plan.

If you need a course that is not on the list below, please contact your academic advisor to request a course be added or to explore alternate options. This list is updated weekly as UTA departments and colleges regularly add new courses to meet students’ academic course and program needs.

We do hope to welcome you to UTA in person and on campus soon.

You can also download a PDF version of the course list here.

PDF version of Course List 

Updated January 29, 2021.