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Brianna Gomez

Major/Program: Management - Undergraduate/Grad year: Freshmen Undergraduate - Anticipated graduation year: 2024

Brianna's Experience

This scholarship means I’m one step closer to achieving my career and life goals. It’s not only a recognition for my accomplishments, but it’s also an acknowledgement that all my hard work and dedication have paid off. This scholarship will motivate me to continue doing my absolute best in school and in everything else I do. My education is invaluable to me because it’s something that I will always have, and cannot be taken away from me.

This scholarship is helping me achieve my goals by providing me with the ability to focus on my studies without the worrying about how my education will be financed. The scholarship has removed the financial strains of a higher education and allowed me to continue working towards my goals and to ultimately succeed. It has catapulted me into the adult world on the right path to the dreams and goals that I have set for myself.

Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to pursue something that would otherwise be unreachable due to financial constraints. Not only does it act as a support system for me to continue my secondary education, but facilitates learning while providing me all the right tools to succeed. It has allowed me to be a more determined, focused, and ambitious individual.

There are no words to thank the benefactors that have made this scholarship available to me. The opportunity you have provided me through this scholarship is life changing. I am forever thankful, humbled, and grateful for you. You have been a tremendous help to my family and I, by lifting some of the financial weight. This has allowed me to pursue and acquire my desired degree without the financial worry, while keeping my focus on school. I am sincerely thankful from the bottom of my heart.