Briseida Alfan Story Full

Briseida Alfaro

Major/Program: Business Management & Marketing - Undergraduate/Grad year: Senior Undergraduate - Anticipated graduation year: May 2021

Briseida's Experience

I like my program because of how professional it is and for the number of opportunities the College of Business and professors offer their students. Dr. Hubbard has been my favorite professor throughout my time at UTA. He is the Director of the Goolsby Leadership Academy, which I am proud to be a member of. I’ve known Dr. Hubbard since my first semester at UTA when I was a member of the BNSF Early Leader program and he has been my professor for a few classes. I loved his lectures because he is always finding ways to teach the criteria in ways that relate to our everyday lives, whether it is in the workplace, at school, or in our personal lives. To add, he emails my classmates and I with many great opportunities offered regarding internships, job fairs, and business speaker presentations to attend. Dr. Hubbard cares for his students, wanting every one of us to succeed in school, preparing us for the business world.

UTA’s College of Business transformed me into a confident, professional businesswoman through the courses I have taken. I benefited by taking the advice of successful business leaders that have spoken about their journey to success on and off campus. Successful business leaders have made me realize the importance of professionalism, emotional intelligence, and etiquette in the workplace. Also, they encouraged me to never give up on achieving my goals no matter the number of times I fail. We must always learn from our failures to become better. Many successful business leaders would not be where they are right now if it were not for all the times they failed. What I think sets UTA College of Business students apart is that we are self-driven individuals. We are determined individuals who want to make a difference in the business world.

Confidence and etiquette is the societal value in my field. One must always be confident, have proper manners, and wear professional attire in the workplace. Especially when getting interviewed, presenting a new business plan, speaking to those who are of higher authority and to clients/customers, or presenting an elevator pitch, because it demonstrates how important it is for the person to be taken seriously. As much as people don’t like to admit or realize it, many will make decisions based on a person’s appearance and level of confidence instead of their qualifications. The courses offered in the College of Business will teach students the above-mentioned and practice these concepts through individual and group presentations. UTA’s College of Business has prepared me for the outside world. I’ve applied what I’ve learned from the business courses I’ve taken to my life. I would not be where I am at today if it weren’t for the professors who challenged and motivated me to strive for success through hard work, determination, and confidence.

Yes, I would recommend UTA’s College of Business and my program to my friends, if interested! We are taught so many concepts that relate to the outside world, such as how to use emotional intelligence and business etiquette, how to speak in a professional setting, how to dress professionally, and how to apply what is being taught to our everyday lives. The professors I’ve had would begin class with either discussing current events within the U.S. or other countries regarding the economy, they’d discuss issues influencing small businesses and big companies, and political news that will more generally impact businesses. I find this a great method to reach out to students so they can be aware and have their attention on what is going on in the business world. I hope many find the business program as interesting as I do.