Chris Herren Student Full

Christopher Ryan Herren

Major/Program: Master of Science in Business Analytics - Undergraduate/Grad year: Graduate - Anticipated graduation year: December 2020

Christopher's Experience

I like the program because it has taught me the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the field of data science while also keeping in mind the core concepts of the business world. A lot of today’s data scientists cannot articulate the business side of data science and machine learning, which UTA has prepared me for.

My favorite professor has to be Dr. Nerur. Without the data science skills he taught in the big data analytics course, I never would have secured a full-time role as a machine learning engineer.

I would recommend the graduate business analytics program to any student who has an interest in statistics and problem solving and a passion for programming. Not only will UTA prepare you for the math and programming side of data science, they will also give you the business skills needed in order to present you data science findings and programs to all levels of upper management; a skill that is certainly lacking with many data scientists today.