Edwin Johnson Story Full

Edwin O’neal Johnson Jr.

Major/Program: Accounting BBA - Undergraduate/Grad year: Senior Undergraduate - Anticipated graduation year: Spring 2021

Edwin's Experience

  1. The best part of the accounting program is the wide variety of courses offered. I’ve gotten to not only learn about my major, but I’ve also gotten to experience many other business-related fields.
  2. My favorite experience in the UTA COB has been being a part of the Goolsby Leadership Academy. Through the academy, I’ve been able to partake in countless networking events, further my leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships along the way.
  1. UTA’s College of Business has helped me develop a new perspective on the idea of diversity. Throughout my classes, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with individuals of various backgrounds. It’s helped me become more aware and cognizant of the complexities of the various cultures represented in the UTA COB.
  2. I believe the determination and humble attitude of the UTA COB students set us apart. Many students go to school full time while simultaneously working full/part time jobs to help pay for college expenses. We know the value of hard work and understand that everything we want must be worked for. We are not entitled to anything.
  1. Accounting is the language of business; therefore, in order for a company succeed, they must have a strong foundation in accounting. It is important to have people with accounting expertise to explain the complexities of accounting to work towards a profitable company. UTA COB has provided me with a firm understanding of the ins and outs of accounting that I am ready to apply in practice.
  1. I would strongly recommend UTA’s College of Business and the accounting program to friends. Through the countless clubs and organizations offered, I feel as if I am earning more than just a degree here at the College of Business. Further, with the support and knowledge garnered from the professors and faculty in the COB, I feel confident in entering the workforce after graduation.