Naomi Samuel Student Full

Naomi Samuel

Major/Program: Management / PhD - Undergraduate/Grad year: First Year Doctoral Student - Anticipated graduation year: Spring 2024

Naomi's Experience

So far, I have enjoyed all of my coursework more than I thought possible. My background is in marketing and English literature. But not only have I loved my writing-focused colloquium—I’ve also felt energized by my strategy seminar, learning and discussing the evolution of the field. I’ve also loved my multivariate statistics course, with a professor who makes a Friday afternoon with statistics a strangely pleasant and intuitive one. Perhaps the most impactful experience I’ve had so far has been the mentorship of Dr. Myrtle Bell and Dr. Alison Hall Birch in the management department. Not only are they outstanding in their own contributions to the management field, but they are outstanding in how they strategically impart knowledge and doctoral guidance upon students. They have given me free reign (and also healthy grounding) in my ideas, research & writing, and ambitions. They challenge me in all the ways I could have hoped for.

I love how the College of Business doctoral program challenges my thinking. As doctoral students and researchers, our primary objective is to create knowledge. That means we’re tackling our assignments and readings with a totally different mentality than we would at the undergraduate level. We’re here to not only learn material; we’re here to interrogate it. Evaluate it. Build upon it. One month into my doctoral program, I’ve realized that knowledge is a constructed, sculpted thing—with very real implications. It’s like my whole world is opening up, by way of my mind.

The environment in which I interact with this knowledge has also been instrumental. The graduate students at COB have been a spectacular community to start my graduate career in. As one of the first two COB B.S. to PhDs (I don’t have my master’s), I was concerned about how I’d gel and learn in the doctoral program. But upon entering my program, I’ve found myself in one of the most supportive, diverse spaces I’ve ever encountered. Doctoral students in various stages of the program have reached out, offered resources, advice, and more. This inclusive, collaborative culture is incredibly conducive to learning.

I believe my field is one of our greatest chances at a just society. My field is Management—specifically, Diversity Scholarship. Diversity Scholarship uncovers how the various -isms operate in the workplace. In this American moment, many are asking how to reckon with structural inequality as it pertains to race. Well, we must look to our structures. Two of the most significant American institutions are academia and corporate America. In leveraging Diversity Scholarship’s role in these two bodies, we can meet this moment’s questions with data, its momentum with research, and its consciousness with theories to navigate us through the complex journey to equity we’re undertaking. This is how meaningful progress is made—by pairing our hearts with our minds, and challenging the both!

My amazing UTA COB faculty advisors and community have reminded me of this challenging, fruitful purpose every day. That’s why this experience is much more than purely educational for me. It challenges me to ask myself: How can I make the world better with the speck of time I’m given in this life? And every day, the program gives me an answer.

I absolutely would recommend UTA’s College of Business, as well as the doctoral program. It comes down to three things: culture, consciousness, and community. The school’s collaborative, friendly culture makes for a wonderful learning environment. The consciousness of professors within the doctoral program makes us students think of our research in real-world terms. Especially when it comes to what I’ve been learning about Diversity Scholarship. All of it comes down on real people, real companies, and real communities. Which brings me to my last C—community. UT Arlington has a stronghold in academic discourse in a variety of areas, giving us a fantastic community not only here, but across the nation and globe. I’m proud to call myself a Maverick because of the experience I’ve had here.