Shalviya Giri Story

Shalviya Giri

Major/Program: Economics / MS Economic Data Analytics - Undergraduate/Grad year: Senior Graduate - Anticipated graduation year: May 2021

Shalviya's Experience

I find this program very useful to any student who wants to be qualified and ready to work as soon as they graduate because this program trains and prepares us for jobs that require technical and analytical skillset which are highly demanded in job market.

The MS in Economic Data Analytics program is a STEM program that immensely benefits international students, as it grants a three-year work permit. This is very important to international students like me because there aren’t many programs that have this option; therefore, this program is attractive and beneficial to us.

The economics department as a whole is my favorite because all of my professors and faculty are very helpful and responsive to students’ need for success. In particular, the program director, Dr. Christy Spivey, has done phenomenal job engaging with students every step of our journey and her popularity among my cohorts is exceptional. When I took econometrics 3318 and 4318 in undergrad with Dr. Spivey, I found my career path, which inspired me to join this program and the whole journey and experience ever since has been incredible.

I went to two different universities (Texas Wesleyan and UNT) before coming to UTA, but UTA is my second home and I am a proud UTA undergraduate alum. I did not have a second thought about going to another school for my masters and if the economics department had PhD program, I would continue here because, among all the schools I have been to, UTA is outstanding. The College of Business and UTA as a whole is very diversified and inclusive, that is why I feel like I belong here. My undergraduate advisor, Miss Kathy, is the sweetest and kindest person you will ever meet. She is like my second mom who I can go to for any academic or personal advice, which I have never experienced in any other school before. As an international student, it means a lot to have someone who understands you and cares for you in foreign land. COB professors and faculty don’t treat you like sheep in a herd, they value each student and mentor us individually to help us identify our strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

As an economics student, I have gained knowledge and a skillset to contribute to different industries, including academia. An economics degree and knowledge is useful in every field all around the world. I can help people to make rational decisions, maximize their benefit at minimum cost and help government and private sectors in policymaking and research. As my business communications professor, Dr. Carr, said: “an idea not communicated has no value.” The College of Business has prepared me to develop and exercise these skillsets and expertise.