Thao Ho Testimonial Photo

Thao Ho

Major/Program: Finance - Undergraduate/Grad year: Senior - Anticipated graduation year: May 2021

Thao's Experience

I have enjoyed the Finance program because I have hands-on experience with the Student Managed Investment Fund and have the opportunities to be certified before graduation, such as receiving the Bloomberg certification. These hands-on experiences prepare me well for my internship and also for my full-time job interviews.

My favorite experience has been serving as the President of UTA Finance Society. It has transformed me in many aspects of leadership and has a great support system where I can lean on with questions, support, and growth opportunities. Teamwork makes the dream work, and I am forever grateful for our FINAFAM. Also, Goolsby Leadership Academy has been an integral part of my transfer to UTA. It has given me opportunities to connect with great mentors such as Vicky Teherani, UTA alumni Fred Gartrell, Professor Charles Miller and Dr. Hubbard. I also got a chance to hear and learn from many great professionals share their remarkable journey, which I can apply to my personal development. I encourage incoming students to find the organization that is near and dear to your heart and be engaged. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you to discover your strengths, learn from your peers and build your confidence.

UTA's College of Business has transformed me in many aspects. First, it helps me realize the opportunities in financial services, understand my strengths, and develop real-world skills. Second, diversity of thoughts is crucial and enlightening. People have different perspectives, and the beauty of diverse outlooks will help the world become a better place. I enjoy the conversation, the experience, and how the college strives its best to educate the students to appreciate the diversity in the workforce and education.

I believe the ability to turn ideas into action sets UTA COB students apart. From my experience joining organizations and projects, I am amazed at how our students' creativity and how eager they turn their ideas into actions to make a positive change in the community. We rise by lifting others, and I do value the supportive system here at UTA.

Collaboration and servant leadership are societal values in my field. Collaboration shows that you understand the importance of emotional intelligence and the ability to work well with others to achieve common goals. UTA College of Business will prepare your collaboration skills through projects, organizations, community involvement, networking events, and throughout courses. Servant leadership is the ability to apply ideas to a business project that meets others' needs. We will learn how to be the business leaders that care and make a positive change by challenging you with diversity of thoughts, business ethics programs, and entrepreneurial competitions.

I would recommend UTA's College of Business and my program to my friends. As an international student, I value the college's diversity and ability to open my mind to many subjects and events through the resources that UTA offers, such as study abroad, Wall Street Journal and open discussion. I also appreciate the great organizations that UTA College of Business has provided, where you will meet great advisors and great leaders that will bring out the best version of yourself. Daring to serve, lead, and learn, you will be amazed at how you grow through the years here at UTA.