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DREI Scholars possess research expertise in diversity (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, and family) as it relates to discrimination, social issues, bias, leadership, inclusion, human resource management, and additional areas of organizational interest. Their breadth of research experience informs evidence-based management and teaching practices.

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Myrtle P. Bell, Professor of Management
Thomas McMahon Professor in Business Ethics; Associate Dean for Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion, College of Business
Research Interests: Diversity, Discrimination, and Social Justice
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David F. Arena Jr., Assistant Professor of Management
Research Interests: Diversity, Workplace Mistreatment, Identity Management, Intersectionality, Dynamically Stigmatized Employees

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Alison Hall Birch, Assistant Professor of Management
Fellow of the Goolsby-Alcon Endowed Chair
Research Interests: Stigma-Based Bias, Intersectionality, Race

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Elten Briggs, Associate Professor of Marketing
Department of Marketing Chair
Research Interests: Services Marketing, Multicultural Marketing, Applications of Social Identity Theory

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Wendy J. Casper, Professor of Management
Associate Dean for Research; Peggy E. Swanson Endowed Chair; Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology
Research Interests: Work-Nonwork Issues, Employee Health Well-being, Diversity, Human Resource Practices

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Wayne S. Crawford, Assistant Professor of Management
Research Interests: Work-Family, Leadership, Identity, Research Methods

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Ariane Froidevaux, Assistant Professor of Management
Fellow of the Eunice and James L. West Distinguished Professorship
Research Interests: Aging & Late-Career Processes, Career Transitions & Adjustment, Identity Negotiation

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Pyayt P. Oo, Assistant Professor of Management
Research Interests: Gender, Bias, Identity

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Owen N. Parker, Assistant Professor of Management
Research Interests: Diversity, Gender, Stakeholder Bias, Reputation

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David Rakowski Contact Photo

Bin Srinidhi, Professor of Accounting
Carlock Endowed Distinguished Professor
Research Interests: Gender & Ethnic Diversity in Governance, Communication Channels

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Shelia A. Hyde, PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Positive Organizational Scholarship, Work-Life Issues, Role Resources, Demands & Identity, Diversity

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Esther L. Jean, PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Identity, Leadership, Social Influence

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Ogunyomi Contact Photo

Ifeyimika Ogunyomi, PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Gender diversity, Work-Life Issues, Healthcare, Gig Economy

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Samuel Contact Photo

Naomi Samuel, Management Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Anti-Racism, Anti-Black Racism, Social Issues

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Shona G. Smith, Management Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Diversity, Stigmas, Identity, Generations

Oyin Contact Photo

Oyin Sodiya, Management Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Diversity, Discrimination, Gender-Based Stigmas, Governance

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Marla White, PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Leadership, Diversity Management, Stigma, Discrimination & Bias


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