The Importance of Women's History from Ariane Froidevaux

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023 • Victoria Davis-Sutton : Contact

The College of Business Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion Group (DREIG) is asking UTA staff, faculty, and students, what the importance of Women's History Month means to them personally. Victoria Davis Sutton, a College of Business DREIG student associate interviews Dr. Ariane Froidevaux.

Victoria: Why is Women's History important to you?

Dr. Froidevaux: It is important to me to raise awareness about the pioneering work of women of the past who have enabled us to be where we are today - personally, a female Assistant Professor of Management in a gender-balanced department in which the contributions of women are as valued as those of men.

Victoria: What are some challenges you face being a woman?

Dr. Froidevaux:The absence of any female tenured or tenure-track professor in my research team when I was a doctoral student, seeming to imply that such a career was not possible for women. Also, the traditional social expectations and norms about "being a good wife" that imply putting the husband's career first with him being the breadwinner and depict women as selfish or overly ambitious when they love and develop their careers.

Victoria: What do you feel has made a major impact for women?

Dr. Froidevaux: Being role models for each other by sharing about how we can meaningfully contribute to our society through work and beyond work, based on our personal experience. Supporting each other, sharing resources, collaborating. Career success is not a zero-sum game: If one of us is successful, all of us can be, as there are enough job opportunities for each of us to contribute - and shine - in what we do in different ways.

Victoria: How can others be an ally for women?

Dr. Froidevaux: One can be an ally first by recognizing the inequities faced by women at work (such as the glass ceiling effect preventing women from reaching higher positions in their careers) and by playing one's part in helping more women reach those positions in any selection or promotion process. One can also develop training and mentorship opportunities that provide a safe space, and access to several role models, for women to further develop their careers.

Victoria: What is your favorite quote?

Dr. Froidevaux: "It is easy to buy another lottery ticket because we do not make our prior unsuccessful attempts personal, we are not emotionally invested in that failure." This quote highlights the power of perseverance and consistency in reaching our goals, and of learning from our unsuccessful attempts without giving up.

Dr. Froidevaux hiking in Le Noirmont, Switzerland.