Podcast Hosted by Dr. Diane Allen

Our hope is that the insights from our members might inform and inspire the public to be mindful and proactive in their work.

This podcast is organized by the CAPPA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI), and Dr. Diane Allen, Program Director and Professor of Landscape Architecture is our resident host and producer.

2023, Episode 3

Featuring Dr. Letora Anderson, Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture

2023, Episode 2

Featuring Dr. Ariadna Reyes-Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Planning and Ph.D. Candidate Josh Newton

2023, Episode 1

Featuring Dr. Emily Nwakpuda, Assistant Professor in Public Affairs

2021, Episode 4

Featuring June A. Grant, RA, NOMA, Founder and Design Principal at Blink!LAB architecture

2021, Episode 3

Featuring Hazel Ruth Edwards, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering and Architecture at Howard University since July 2016

2021, Episode 2

Featuring Dr. Douglas A. Williams, a past Fulbright scholar in Africa and National Park Service – DSC landscape architect

2021, Episode 1

Featuring Ernst Valery, founder and president of SAA | EVI affiliate Ernst Valery Investments Corp

2020, Episode 3

Featuring Austin Allen, Associate Professor of Practice in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas Arlington

2020, Episode 2

Featuring Dennis Chiessa, Assistant Professor of Architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington

2020, Episode 1

Featuring Kathryn E. Holliday, architectural historian and director of the David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture