Woman’s Transportation Seminar- UTA Student Chapter

The student chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is a professional organization for students, both male and female and from a diverse range of fields, who are interested in transportation and other related fields.


WTS International WTS DFW Chapter


About Us

Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), founded in 1977, is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. It provides opportunities to both men and women for networking, mentoring, professional development, and leadership training in all fields of transportation. WTS attracts, sustains, connects and advances women’s careers to strengthen the transportation industry. To fulfill this mission, WTS operates under a specific vision with core values, goals, and guiding principles behind all of its activities and programs.



Empowering women and the future force in the transportation industry.



  • Clarity: To inform our student members about the processes and events inside and outside of the WTS, student chapter and help them benefit from the opportunities to a great extent.
  • Organization: To adapt a sustainable procedure for operating our student organization related to transportation and women’s leadership.
  • Connection & Networking: To create meaningful dialogues between the professional realm and students to provide our student members with access to resources, stimulate their confidence, and help prepare them for their future careers.


Core Leadership Values

  • Loyalty: Leadership and staff exhibit trust, honesty, and loyalty as they work toward fulfilling the WTS mission.
  • Collaborative Environment: Communication, engagement, diversity, and creativity create the optimal collaborative environment in which to successfully complete organization initiatives.
  • Excellence: On the path to mission fulfillment, WTS leaders and staff operate as member- and mission-centric professionals with integrity and accountability.
  • Respect: WTS leaders and staff hold respect in the highest regard for members, volunteers, partners, the board, and members of their work teams.
  • Passion: It is the passion of WTS leaders and staff for the WTS vision, mission, women’s issues, and the roles WTS International’s leaders and staff fill that serves to unify our teams and move us forward.


2021-2022 Officers

President: Farah Naz

Treasurer: Amruta Amol Sakalker

Executive Officer: Qian He

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jianling Li