CAPPA Celebrates Black History MonthPODCAST HOSTED BY DIANE ALLEN"UnderColor" a dialogue with CAPPA faculty working in the African American Community 


"As the Dean of CAPPA, I am deeply committed to diversifying the design profession by recruiting more minority faculty, providing additional support as needed for our minority students, diversifying the curriculum, celebrating research by our minority faculty and encouraging research that engages with disadvantaged communities. Albeit, these are small steps in the context of a much larger challenge, but the hope is they will eventually help turn the needle."


"UnderColor" a dialogue with CAPPA faculty working in the African American Community 


Episode 3: Austin Allen

 Episode 2: Dennis Chiessa

This series of podcasts will feature UTA College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs Faculty working within African American Communities. The conversations will revolve around their work in these communities, including methods, strategies, applications, and outcomes of undertaking this work. Diane will interview Faculty on the positioning of their work within the fields of architecture, planning and landscape architecture, and the impact on the communities involved will also be explored in this upcoming podcast. 

Diane Allen Jones, Director of the Landscape Architecture program and Associate Professor is featured this week on black history month. Diane has made several contributions over the years in the African American and Black communities. Her current research examines the lives of Maroons who resided in the Louisiana coastal wetlands, and lessons for ecological restoration and resiliency. Also, Diane's research and practice is guided by the intersection of environmental justice, identity, and sustainability in cultural landscapes, including “Nomadic” responses to “Transit Deserts,” places of increasing transportation demand and limited access, as examined in her book “Lost in the Transit Desert: Race, Transit Access, and Suburban Form” published by Routledge Press in 2017.

In 2019, Diane led the study abroad trip to Tanzania, Africa, that addressed several aspects of water and sanitation projects in rural Africa. Students worked with Professor Allen to create a community engagement event in the village of Roche Tanzania, to develop a landscape design for the Roche Health Center.