The Center for Transportation, Equity, Decisions, and Dollars (CTEDD) is a USDOT (Tier-1) University Transportation Center supported by the United States Department of Transportation. In addition, CTEDD is a University of Texas at Arlington-led partnership with the other universities, including California Polytechnic State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of South Florida.

CTEDD strives to be the nation's leading University Transportation Center focused on equity in transportation planning and policy. We pursue the goal of a fairer and more productive transportation system through original research, community engagement, industry-university ties, K-12 educational initiatives, and the promotion of leadership training among STEM students. CTEDD researchers aim to transform our nation's transportation policy and decision-making processes to better meet the needs of America's commuters, businesses, and policymakers by generating research and analysis that can quickly inform transportation leaders. We seek to apply new methods, new technologies, and new human perspectives to solving our nation's transportation challenges.

As a publicly-funded research center, our guiding principles include transparency, fairness, and efficiency of results. These principles ensure our research and associated activities lead toward equal and inclusive mobility for all individuals, so that all Americans can enjoy full access to the innovative and productive transportation system that sustains our way of life.