Reclaiming Alley Project

Project Design: Joowon Im + Landscape Welfare Institute(LWI), Seoul, Korea

In the area where the noise from an airport is a major issue, the Korea Airports Corporation funded a project to improve the quality of living life of the community. The new construction with well-designed planters, trellises, fences, safer walkways, solar-powered lights, and a smart planter successfully transformed the small alley into a safer and fun place. The smart planter was really needed to this underserved community to save money and water and help the residents to take care of their planters. It collects rainwater from the roof and automatically irrigates the connected planter. It has been successful and LWI will continue to adopt the smart planter for future projects. I worked as a lead designer and conducted research to measure users’ perception before and after the construction of the project to investigate the effectiveness of the new construction.