About FitSTEPS

FitSTEPS for Life® is the only known evidence-based cancer rehabilitation program in the United States that is free, community-based and achieves unprecedented immediate benefits for cancer survivors—at diagnosis to post treatment. The program is designed to assist cancer survivors in achieving and maintaining as much functional mobility and endurance as possible during their cancer experience." - Learn more at the Cancer Foundation for Life website.

Who is Eligible

Anyone with a current or previous cancer diagnosis is eligible for the FitSTEPS program. A physician referral by the patient's primary physician or oncologist is required, and can be faxed to the number on the referral form. Click or tap here for the physician referral form.


FitSTEPs offers both Individual Drop-In and Group Exercise sessions.

Individual Drop-In

  • 10 AM to 1 PM, Mondays & Fridays in MAC 150
  • 4 PM to 6 PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays in MAC 150

Group Exercise

  • Coming soon.

Contact FitSTEPS at the University of Texas at Arlington 

Phone, Business Hours: 817-272-2734
Phone, Evening Voicemail: 817-272-3288
Fax: 817-272-3233


Location: Room 150, Maverick Activities Center, University of Texas at Arlington

Director: Dr. Liao, Yue, MPH, PhD, CPH

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology, Public Health Program

College of Nursing and Health Innovation



Exercise Specialist: Leslie Bermudez

Phone: 903-561-0146

Fax: 908-561-7975


UTA Offers Free Exercise and Nutrition Program for Cancer Patients

FitSTEPS - Directions

FitSTEPS at UTA Address

150 MAC (Maverick Activities Center)
500 West Nedderman Drive
Arlington, TX 76019-0259

Directions, from South Cooper Street

Head north on South Cooper Street toward West Mitchell Street, then turn left onto South Nedderman Drive

Directions, from North Cooper Street

Head south on North Cooper Street toward Houston Street, turn right onto UTA Boulevard, then turn left onto West Nedderman Drive


Please arrange your parking with your FitSTEPS appointment manager.