Advancing Racial Reflections in K-8 Literacy Instruction

Dr. Annie Daly and Dr. Wideline Seraphin were awarded a $16,000 grant by to help teachers develop culturally responsive curriculum.

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022 • Written by Monique Bird :

Wideline Seraphin and Annie DalyTwo literacy studies faculty in the College of Education are working on a unique project to support K-12 teachers and tackle inequities in the classroom.

Dr. Annie Daly and Dr. Wideline Seraphin, both assistant professors, were awarded $16,000 by UTA’s Research Engagement Program for their project, “Advancing Racial Reflections in K-8 Literacy Instruction.” With the funds, the pair will work with a cohort of about 20 classroom teachers throughout one school year to support the teachers develop culturally responsive curriculum.

They will also provide coaching to help teachers learn how to reflect on issues of race in practice to enhance their equitable teaching practices.

“Too often in education we use words like ‘equity’ and ‘cultural responsiveness’ without addressing how racism continues to negatively impact children and youth in school,” said Daly, the principal investigator for the project. “We hope that this grant will help teachers develop new practices of reflecting on instruction and developing curriculum in ways that specifically attend to race and racism. In doing so, the teachers in this cohort will develop specialized knowledge and skills for leadership in their schools and districts as antiracist and culturally responsive educators.”

Both Daly and Seraphin stated that the goal of the project is to positively impact teachers, schools, districts, and individual students through August 2023.

“This grant project has developed out of a long-term partnership with classroom teachers and school leaders,” said Daly. “Our grant project reflects the goals that our school partners have expressed, and we are excited to conduct this research alongside and with classroom teachers.”