Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

You can view admission requirements for these programs on the admissions page. Additional information on the department can be found on the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies home page.

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

The Ph.D. degree is designed for candidates who seek to enter careers in research, institutional assessment, policy analysis, institutional leadership, higher education administration, or the professoriate.

 Ph.D. Program 
 BA-Ph.D. Track
 Coordinator: Dr. Barbara Tobolowsky
 Coordinator: Dr. Maria Trache
 Students receive a broad foundation in the study of educational leadership and policy development through a wide range of course offerings focused on both K-12 leadership and higher education. Candidates in the Ph.D. program will be part of a cohort throughout their required coursework, leading to the dissertation.  Students accepted in the M.Ed. with Higher Education Administration Emphasis can elect, with program approval, to pursue the integrated BA-Ph.D. track which allows students to start doctoral work earlier and transfer into the Ph.D. program upon completion of 30 SCH and after two evaluations of their academic progress. 

Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. In addition to core courses in K-16 educational leadership and policy, two distinct emphases are available: Principal Certificate Courses and Higher Education Administration Emphasis.

 Principal Certification
  Higher Education Emphasis 
 Coordinator: Dr. Amy Anderson
 Coordinator: Dr. Maria Trache
 The M.Ed. program is designed to expand your skills as an administrator in order to increase student achievement, improve teacher performance and increase organizational effectiveness while preparing you for the Texas Principal Certification Exam.  The higher education emphasis prepares students to pursue a career in colleges and universities or the many organizations that study, support, or address higher education-related issues.


Certification-only Programs

The programs below are non-degree seeking programs leading to state certifications. Individuals applying to a certification-only program must already hold a Master's degree. Click on the certification to view the required coursework and other information.

 Principal Certification
 Coordinator: Dr. Amy Anderson
 This is the traditional program that leads to Principal Certification in K-12 schools. Students who do not already hold a Master's degree must pursue the M.Ed. as opposed to the certification-only program.