TExES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a practice test?

The practice test is used to determine if candidates are adequately prepared for the actual TExES test. The College of Education at The University of Texas at Arlington is providing a real simulation of testing conditions.

When can I begin taking my practice tests for the TExES?

See your program director.

What TExES tests do I have to take to become certified?

All students must take a pedagogy test (PPR) and and least one content test to become a certified teacher, depending on program.

When can I take my content test?

If you are a current UTA student who has transferred content coursework or who has graduated from another university and are seeking teacher certification, you will take your content certification exam through The University of Texas at Arlington. If you are not successful on the initial diagnostic administration of the state mandated content examination, UTA may require that you take additional content coursework before attempting the test a second time.

Do I need to sign up for the practice TExES?

You need to register for the practice test at least 3 business days before the practice test date.

How do I get started with the TExES Practice Test?

1) Download your study guide from the TExES web site (https://www.tx.nesinc.com/).
2) Register online for the exact date and practice test.
3) Arrive early for the practice test to sign in and be ready for the test.

What do I need to bring with me to the practice tests?

Bring a number two pencil and scratch paper for the practice test.

Can I write in or on the practice test booklet?

No. The test booklets are used for subsequent tests.

Can I come late to the practice test?

No. You will not be admitted late to a test, just as you would not be admitted late to a real certification test. If you are late, you will be required to come to another scheduled practice test session.

Can I come early to the practice test?

Yes. It is important for you to arrive early and sign-in.

How and when do I find out my practice test score?

See your program director.

What is the passing score for a practice test?

The minimum passing score is 80% on all practice tests.

What if I do not make the minimum score on my practice test?

You will be required to meet with the appropriate content faculty member to determine how you can better prepare for the test. You may be required to retake the test again, if that will assist you in your preparation.

How do I get approved for the TExES?

See your program director.

Where can I find the dates and deadlines for the TExES examinations?