Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - Higher Education Administration (in-person)

The department offers the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, with Higher Education Administration emphasis. This is an in-person program that has been temporarily offered virtually because of Covid-19. Contact our program advisers for more questions about coursework.

The higher education emphasis prepares students to pursue a career in colleges and universities or the many organizations that study, support, or address higher education-related issues. The ELPS department works collaboratively with campus administrative offices. Students may also seek graduate assistant opportunities in areas such as student affairs and housing.

Students take courses in higher education administration, law, and history and become informed consumers of research. Graduates find employment in many areas of higher education, including but not limited to:

  • Student affairs
  • Housing
  • Financial aid
  • Institutional research and technology

Course of Study

 EDAD 5322
 Educational Research and Evaluation
 EDAD 5360  Leadership Theory
 EDAD 5380  Diversity and Equity in Education
 EDAD 5399  Capstone Practicum in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

 EDAD 5350  American College Student
 EDAD 5351  Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs
 EDAD 5352  Higher Education Law
 EDAD 5354  The American Community College
 EDAD 5356  History, Principles, and Philosophy of Higher Education Administration
 EDAD 5357  Higher Education Trends and Issues


Applicants seeking admission to ELPS programs must submit three recommendation forms to the department. The required Recommendation Form is available for download here.


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Program Coordinator

Dr. Maria Trache

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Higher ed, K-16 pathways, life course res, STEM ed, internationalization, labor market, social equity



Phone #: 817-272-2109

Office: 103F Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Maria Trache is a professor in the College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies since August 2011, following 14 years as Statistical Consultant and Research Manager at the University of British Columbia and over 15 years as a faculty at the University of Bucharest. She brings over 30 years of combined teaching and research experience from both science and social sciences to UTA. As an educational researcher, Dr. Trache focuses on equity issues in higher education and the labor market by examining the effects of structural differences at the intersection of gender, race, social class, immigrant status, disability. Her research is informed by theoretical frameworks from sociology, economics of education, and life course research. She has expertise in advanced quantitative methods, survey methods and analysis of large-scale survey data. Dr. Trache is author/co-author of about 45 publications in peer-reviewed journals, edited books, working paper series. She currently serves as a member on the Sociology/Demography Insight Grants Selection Committee for the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

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