Project MMS Cohort 1: Artesha Richardson

Project MMS Cohort 1: Artesha Richardson

Name: Artesha Richardson

Program: Master of Social Work

Educational Background: Bachelor of Social Work

Biography: Artesha is from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla. She is passionate about helping children who are faced with additional challenges in life due to disabilities, high intensity needs and crimes against them. As a future social worker specializing in family and children, it is her mission to put the right interventions and resources within reach of families in need. Artesha is a former collegiate student-athlete who enjoys playing sports, reading, going to the beach and spending time with her loved ones.

Quote: “What I am looking forward to learning while in Project MMS are advanced skills and knowledge, practical experiences, and critical sensitivities that would allow me to better serve individuals with various backgrounds.”