College of Education Student Ambassador

Meet Devinne Jorgensen

Hometown: Benbrook, TX
Area of Certification and Year: EC-6 ESL

Why did you choose to attend UT Arlington?
  • I chose to go to UTA because it was a local school to me, being from the Fort Worth area. I love its location, in the middle of two major cities — Dallas and Fort Worth. Now living here, I see that there’s far more to Arlington than I initially realized. The price was also definitely a big seller to me.
What is your favorite thing about the College of Education at UT Arlington?
  • My favorite thing about the College of Education at UT Arlington is that there is always someone there to help. Any time that I’ve needed help understanding something or moving forward on my degree plan, there has always been someone that could assist me, whether it be an advisor, a teacher, or a fellow student.
Who is your favorite professor? Why?
  • I don’t have a favorite professor, because it would be too hard to pick one. Every professor that I have had at UTA has been great. They have been personable and have all held interest about what they are teaching, making it more engaging for us students.
What activities do you participate in outside of class?
  • Outside of class, I work part-time at a department store. When I have the time, I like to go to my mom’s school and help with her students. I also LOVE to do arts and crafts — crocheting and sewing in my free time.
What are your plans after you graduate?
  • After graduation I plan to stay in the Tarrant County area and begin my career as a teacher. There are so many other things that I look forward to doing in the future as well, but becoming a teacher is my primary goal right now.
What is the one thing you think a prospective Education student needs to know?
  • If you’re interested in being an education major, know that you should not be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. I believe this is good for everything you do in life, but especially important for a future teacher.