College of Education Student Ambassador

Meet Irene Lopez

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major/certification area and anticipated graduation year: EC-6/ESL- 2024

Irene Lopze holding the UTA school flagWhy did you choose to attend UT Arlington?
  • I chose to attend UT Arlington because it offers a handful amount of resources to all students. At UTA diversity plays a huge role & its equity serves all students and backgrounds.
What is your favorite thing about the College of Education at UT Arlington?
  • My favorite thing about the College of Education is the many friendships you build with people who are pursuing the same profession as you.
Who is your favorite professor or staff member? Why?
  • My favorite staff member from the College of Education would be my advisor, Chelsey Payne. She made my transferring to UTA run smoothly and was encouraging!
What class have you enjoyed the most?
  • I have enjoyed my ELED Social Studies class the most because it consisted of many hands-on activities that will really help me in my future classroom one day.
What activities or hobbies do you participate in outside of class?
  • I am not a very social gal but I do participate in the Education Ambassadors team and also attend Student Teaching a few days per-week. Some hobbies I enjoy are to work-out, do TikToks, and read.
What are your plans after graduation? When you think about your future career in education, what excites you the most? 
  • After graduation I plan to teach in a school that meets my needs as an educator. I am also very excited to finally fulfill my inner-child dreams and become a teacher that will create a welcoming and safe environment for all children!
What is the one thing you think a prospective Education student needs to know?
  • My first semester at UTA I was very scared of being the “new” student and going from a community college to a more widespread university like UTA. Do not be scared of not fitting in or not being able to make friendships. Friendships are very cool to make at UTA and you will meet GREAT people! Focus in your career and goals and surround yourself with people who have the same mindset as you.
Have you overcome any challenges that you feel would help inspire other Education majors?
  • Coming back to in-person learning after being remote for many months changed my social skills as a student and as person. The education program promoted me with a comfortable environment that made me feel comfortable and most importantly confident with my thoughts and ideas.