College of Engineering COVID-19 Response

The safety of students, faculty and staff is the University's and the College of Engineering's top priority at this unprecedented time. In that spirit, here is information likely to be of particular interest to the College of Engineering community:

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  • All functions of the College are expected to continue, including its most important function, the instruction of our students. The situation remains fluid, but the University is posting frequent updates on its website and the College will use its website, email and social media to keep students, faculty and staff updated.

  • Ph.D. program operations will continue as before but will be adapted to a virtual environment. All Ph.D. courses will be taught with the aid of technology. Students will continue to schedule and defend dissertations and proposals using whatever technology committee members, students and dissertation chairs agree is the best option for all parties. Faculty supervisors and Dr. Erick Jones will support Ph.D. students as they normally would while working remotely.

  • Special Role of GTAs, GRAs and Graders: Research students who usually work in their offices are asked to continue their research at their place of residence with email discussions with faculty members on progress. GTAs, GRAs and graders, as far as possible, should be working productively off campus. However if a GRA is involved in experiments that require on-campus attention, it may be an activity that can be safely accomplished on a very limited basis in a research lab while practicing social distancing. The supervising professor will monitor activities closely to ensure safety, particularly ensuring that students are not in a lab alone.

    GTAs and graders may be asked, but cannot be forced, to assist in the teaching and instruction activity on campus on a very limited basis. Care must be taken to ensure that this is a socially distancing activity. They can of course grade and help instruction online from their place of residence, assuming appropriate computer access, as overseen by the supervising professor.

  • Student organizations should use online options to conduct meetings.

The following is a list of phone contacts to help answer your questions in your respective departments:

College and Department Contact Information

Dean of Engineering Office or 817-272-2571

Engineering Student Services


Undergraduate Probation and Conditionally Admitted Students:

Lynne Kinnan, Michael Mack and PJ Bukowski:

Undergraduate Co-Ops, Internships and Curricular Practical Training:

Carole Coleman:

Engineering Online:

Donya Randolph Henry:


Alicia Gill: or 817-272-2965

Civil Engineering

General questions:

Dr. Ali Abolmaali: 817-272-3877

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Advising:

Dr. Srinivas Prabakar: 817-272-7590

Architectural Engineering Program Undergraduate Advising:

Jamie Thompson: 817-272-3761

Construction Management Program Undergraduate Advising:

Bijan Shapoorian: 817-272-9750

Civil Engineering and Construction Management Graduate Programs Advising:

Dr. Gautam Eapi: 817-272-3760

Dr. Ernest Crosby: 817-272-3500

Irma Dodd: 817-272-2201

Computer Science and Engineering

General questions or to forward calls to specific faculty or staff:

817-272-3785 (will be answered at any time during office hours by someone on duty)

Undergraduate student contacts:

Melissa Rose:

Katy A. Pedone:

Graduate student contacts:

Sha’Londa Towns: 

Erika Harvey: 

Ginger Dickens: 

Electrical Engineering

General questions:

Cheryl Bailey: or 817-272-3934

Undergraduate advising:

Pauline Mason:

Master's advising:

Janice Moore:

Doctoral advising:

Dr. William Dillon:

Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering

General questions:

IMSE Office: 817-272-3092

Undergraduate Advising:

Eric Etheridge:

Master's Advising:

Last name begins with A-M: Sandra Williams

Last name begins with N-Z: Kimetha Williams

Doctoral Advising:

Dr. Victoria Chen:

Materials Science and Engineering

General questions:

Dr. Choongun Kim: 817-272-5497

CCMB questions:

Dr. Jiechao Jiang: 817-272-0841

Graduate Advising:

Dr. Seongjin Koh (graduate advisor):

Lashonda Davis: 817-272-0455

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Undergraduate Advising:

Danette Stille:

Graduate Advising

Wendy Ryan: