Frequently Asked Questions Concerning COVID-19 Response

Updated 8/07/2020

Dean Crouch has held two listening sessions with graduate students. Links to the video and transcripts are on this page (to the left or at the bottom of the page).

  1. I am considering postponing my start to Spring 2021 due to my fear of the virus. Is this a good idea? How prepared is UTA to handle students in person in Fall 2020? Does postponement hurt my chances?
    If you are a new or continuing student outside the US, you can join the university virtually if you are unable to be on campus by August 20-24. If you are near campus, you can register for face-to-face, hybrid or online courses. Postponement will not affect any future attendance at the university. The university is establishing protocols for students, staff and faculty on campus that adhere to the CDC, state and local safety guidelines. These include social distancing, mandatory mask wearing, additional supplies and times for cleaning shared spaces, reduced occupancy in classrooms and more. The health of our students, staff and faculty are of the upmost importance.
  2. If I postpone my initial admission, will my file be re-evaluated? Will I have to pay the deferral fee of $60? Is it possible I will lose my admission offer?
    Departments have the discretion to re-evaluate application files, so please confirm the answer with your academic department. If the department decides to not re-evaluate, then the admission offer stands. The question of paying the fee is being discussed now at the University level and we hope to have a resolution at the beginning of August. We will share the decision via email.
  3. I have received GTA funding however, due to embassy closure, I could not receive a visa to join UTA. Can I be a GTA from my home country for an online class?
    No, unless the department determines that the student can perform their assigned GTA duties remotely, the student has a U.S. Social Security Number and the student has either a U.S. bank account or valid foreign address. If the student has an SSN but no U.S. bank account, a check can be mailed to the student. There is an issue of security, time to mail/receive the check and if the check can be deposited into student’s account due to currency – home vs. U.S.
  4. I am planning to come on campus in August and was hoping to stay at one of the UTA dorms. Are the dorms open? If yes, are they safe? If not, how should I go about finding a suitable place to stay?
    Yes, on-campus housing is available. Housing has been working with our environmental safety teams to create safe living environments. You can find more information on their website.
  5. I was relying on meeting with my academic advisor in-person to get help with class selection and degree planning? Is this still possible? if not, what are the alternatives?
    To maintain social distancing and lessen person-to-person contact, academic advisors are mostly working remotely. Appointments can be made using phone or virtual modes. All you have to do is schedule them with your advisor. A list of advisors can be found here.
  6. Can tuition be paid in installments if I am attending fully online?
    There several payment plan options available to traditional online students. Additional information about plans can be found at under Fees and Charges.
  7. I am planning to do active research with my supervisor. Are labs open and able to be used in person? Are they safe?
    Yes, labs are open and can be used. Please check with your supervisor for details as each lab situation is different.
  8. All international students are required to get a TB test/shot, and those younger than 22 must also get a meningitis shot, I feel uncomfortable getting these shots and taking the risk of getting the virus. Is it possible that the required tests/shots can be postponed to a later date?
    If a student is attending on-campus classes or living on campus, they are required to have the TB screening test done before the first day of classes. Students taking classes exclusively online and not living on campus can have their TB screening requirement postponed until spring.
  9. Do classes in fall have a Pass/Fail grade, or will we receive letter grades like normal?
    Classes will no longer have the P/F option for fall term. The traditional mode of grading (A-F) will apply.
  10. As an international student, can I retain my scholarship?
    Students taking all online classes will receive their scholarships as long as they maintain full-time status. Students in the U.S. taking all online classes are also able to receive their scholarships as long as they maintain full-time status. Students do not need a Social Security Number to receive a scholarship. UTA is not deferring scholarships until spring, unless online studies are unavailable and for that reason the student is unable to enroll for fall. International students who are not offered the opportunity to enroll in online classes for fall 2020 and do not have a choice to defer until spring 2021 due to their inability to travel to the United States will have their scholarship held and deferred until spring 2021. Should you have any questions regarding tuition charges for fall 2020 or spring 2021, please contact either the office of Student Accounts at 817-272-2172 or or the Office of International Education at 817-272-2355 or