Theoretical and Experimental Outcomes of Closed-Loop Neuromuscular Control Methods to Yield Human Limb Motion

Warren Dixon, University of Florida

9/25/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS |  Warren Dixon Talk Details


Exploiting Compressive Sensing for MIMO Radar Image Resolution Enhancement

Neda Rojhani, University of Florence, Italy

10/2/2020  | 11:00 | ZOOM | Neda Rojhani Talk Details


Engineering new functionality into III-V semiconductors: From atomically-engineered detectors to ‘heterogenous’ epitaxial integration

Seth Bank, UT Austin

10/9/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Seth Bank Talk Details


Development of Custom Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Reality Surgical Simulators

Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas

10/16/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Ganesh Sankaranarayanan Talk Details


Machine Learning in Brain-Computer Interfaces

Dongrui Wu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

10/23/2020 | 11:00 | ZOOM | Dongrui Wu Talk Details


Distributed Time-varying Optimization in Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Experiments

Shan Sun, University of California, Riverside

10/23/2020 | 1:00 | TEAMS | Shan Sun Talk Details


Contention-resolving Model Predictive Control for Coupled Control Systems with Shared Resources

Ningshi Yao, Georgia Institute of Technology

10/26/2020 | 1:00 | TEAMS | Ningshi Yao Talk Details


From Nanoscale Light Sources to Photonic Integrated Circuits

Qing Gu, UT Dallas

10/30/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Qing Gu Talk Details


Energy Storage and Evolution of the Electrical Grid

Babu Chalamala, Sandia National Laboratories

11/6/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Babu Chalamala Talk Details


Learning Shared and Discriminative Information from Multiview Data

Jia Chen, UT Rio Grande Valley

11/13/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Jia Chen Talk Details


Optical fibre sensors: guiding the future of radiotherapy

Sinead O'Keeffe, University of Limerick, Ireland

11/20/2020 | 11:00 | TEAMS | Sinead O'Keeffe Talk Details



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