Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Events

Student with printed aircraft at the printed aircraft competition.

3D Printed Aircraft Competition

The University of Texas at Arlington will host the 6th Annual 3D Printed Aircraft Competition July 9, 2022 at UTA Maverick Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Registration is now open!

Brown Bag Seminar Series

Renowned speakers from academia and industry speak on current topics of interest in mechanical and aerospace engineering every Wednesday from Noon – 1:00pm.

Graduate Seminar Series

Renowned speakers from academia and industry speak on current topics of interest in mechanical and aerospace engineering every Friday from 2:00pm – 2:50pm in Woolf Hall Room 402. 

Senior Design Presentations

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department Senior Design teams make their project presentations including innovative work in areas as diverse as automated aquaponics, battle robots, and composite pressure cylinders.

Current Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

All are welcome to attend dissertation and thesis defenses by our students. As they are scheduled, they will be listed on this page.

Recent Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

Rotor Performance Model (RPM)

Chadwick S. Balfantz, Jr - Master's Thesis Defense
Monday, June 7 11:30am (Microsoft Teams)
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Shape Modeling, Attitude Estimation, and Classification of Artificial Resident Space Objects (RSO) Using Photometric Light Curves

Katiyayni Balachandran - Dissertation Defense
Wednesday, June 9 1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Laminar Swept and Cross Shockwave/Boundary-Layer Interactions

Jiss J. Sebastian - Dissertation Defense
Wednesday, July 21  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Uncertainty Propagation, Control, and Estimation of Stochastic Dynamic Systems Using Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion

Rajnish Bhusal- Dissertation Defense
Friday, July 23  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Characterization and Enhancement of Mechanical Properties in Thermoplastic FFF Parts Using In-Situ Annealing

Rhugdhrivya Rane - Dissertation Defense
Monday, July 26  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Stress Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials

Nilabh Krishna - Dissertation Defense
Tuesday, July 27  11:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Modeling the Effect of In Situ Nozzle-Integrated Compression Rolling on the Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printed Parts

Pasworn Chanchai - Master's Thesis Defense
Wednesday, July 28  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Design of Streamline-Traced Inlets and Their Integration With Rotating Detonation Engines

Malcolm Lee Branch - Master's Thesis Defense
Wednesday, July 28  10:30am  (Microsoft Teams)
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Investigating a Finite Element Model Updating Methodology for Characterizing Mechanical Properties of NCF Composites

Momen Qasaimeh - Dissertation Defense
Wednesday, July 28  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Set-Theoretic Frameworks for Online Optimization, Estimation, and Control

Diganta Bhattacharjee - Dissertation Defense
Friday, July 30  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Computational Investigation of Energy Dissipation Through Progressive Failure in Tailored Composite Structures via Explicit Finite Element Analysis

Anirudh Srinivas - Dissertation Defense
Friday, July 30  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Simulation of a Soft Body Non-Grasp Manipulator Using a Spring-Mass-Damper Cloth Model

Cristian Almendariz - Master's Thesis Defense
Monday, August 2  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Theoretical and Experimental Analysis and Optimization of Thermal Conduction in Electrochemical and Latent Heat Energy Storage Systems

Amirhossein Mostafavi - Dissertation Defense
Rescheduled to: Monday, August 2  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Effect of Thermal Conductivity, Reynolds Number, Aspect Ratio and Packing Arrangement on Radial Heat Transfer in Packed Beds

Gorla Nishith Kumar Reddy - Dissertation Defense
Tuesday, August 3  11:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Design and CFD Analysis of Dynamic Cold Plate for High Power Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling

Apurv Pravin Deshmukh - Master's Thesis Defense
Thursday, August 5  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Design, Operation and Maintenance of Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems in Data Center Thermal Management

Ashwin Siddarth - Dissertation Defense
Rescheduled to: Friday, August 6  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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The 3D Haptic Device System Workspace Exploration Without Inverse Kinematic

Kangji Huang - Master's Thesis Defense
Rescheduled to: Wednesday, August 11  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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