Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Events

Student with printed aircraft at the printed aircraft competition.

3D Printed Aircraft Competition

The University of Texas at Arlington will host the 5th Annual 3D Printed Aircraft Competition July 10, 2021 at UTA Maverick Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Registration is now open!

Brown Bag Seminar Series

Renowned speakers from academia and industry speak on current topics of interest in mechanical and aerospace engineering every Wednesday from Noon – 1:00pm.

Graduate Seminar Series

Renowned speakers from academia and industry speak on current topics of interest in mechanical and aerospace engineering every Friday from 2:00pm – 2:50pm in Woolf Hall Room 402. 

Senior Design Presentations

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department Senior Design teams make their project presentations including innovative work in areas as diverse as automated aquaponics, battle robots, and composite pressure cylinders.

Current Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

All are welcome to attend dissertation and thesis defenses by our students. As they are scheduled, they will be listed on this page.

Nanoscale Mechanics of Disordered Biomolecules in Brain

Md Ishak Khan - Dissertation Defense
Tuesday, December 1  3:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Recent Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

Finite Element Based Methodology to Predict Fatigue Compression Failure in Composite Based on Fiber Kinking Damage Model

Md Saddam Hossain - Dissertation Defense
Friday, August 28  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Optimum Design of Shimmed Foil Bearing Considering Rotordynamic Stability

Venkata Sai Jyothish Atluri- Master's Thesis Defense
Monday, August 3  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Reliability Enhancement of Heterogeneous 3D Integrated Circuit and Characterization of Thermal Interface Material

Raufur Chowdhury - Dissertation Defense
Thursday, July 30  1:30pm (Microsoft Teams)
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A Scaling Investigation of Feasibility and Hover Endurance for Electric Quasi Quadrotor Configurations

Budhyant Venepalli - Dissertation Defense
Thursday, July 30  12:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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A Molecular Scale Study of Cavitation Growth and Shock Response in Soft Materials

Khandakar Mahmud- Dissertation Defense
Tuesday, July 28  10:00am (Microsoft Teams)
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Investigation of the Impact of Material Models on Reliability Assessment of Electronic Packages

Abel Misrak- Dissertation Defense
Monday, July 27  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Submodeling Approach for Computationally-Efficient Thermal Simulations of Large Li-ion Battery Packs

Vishnu Ganesan - Master's Thesis Defense
Monday, July 27  5:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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A Multiscale Study of Cavitation Mechanism and Damage in Soft Materials

Fuad Hassan - Dissertation Defense
Thursday, July 23  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Molecular Level Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics and Their Nanocomposites

Md Riaz Kayser - Dissertation Defense
Wednesday, July 22  1:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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Hypoid Gear Noise and Vibration Control in Automotive Rear Axle Systems

Chia-Ching Lin - Dissertation Defense
Friday, July 17  2:00pm (Microsoft Teams)
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