3D Printed Aircraft Competition

UTA hosts the Annual 3D Printed Aircraft Competition each summer.
Student holding a small aircraft in the design, print, fly competition.

Unfortunately, given the many uncertainties and complications, the fly-off event for the 4th Annual 3D Printed Aircraft competition that was scheduled for July 11 is canceled.  The design competition for the Altair Most Innovative Design Awards, which are awarded based on design reports, will still continue. An email with the details was sent to all registered participants.

The 3D Printed Aircraft Competition will return in 2021! 

As 3D printing technologies have expanded, the design space for many applications, the challenge of leveraging this design freedom for improved performance while satisfying fabrication process constraints has likewise increased. This competition challenges students to:

  • Integrate design and advanced manufacturing to maximize mission performance
  • Design within 3D printing process and material constraints
  • Develop lightweight, manufacturable airframe configurations
  • Leverage direct digital manufacturing technologies
  • Develop team and hands-on design experience


Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this event possible. For questions and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Robert Taylor or Ashfaq Adnan.

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