College of Engineering Alumni and Giving

Alumni Involvement

Our alumni are valuable in many ways, and the College is making a sincere effort to locate and engage with as many of our more than 35,000 alumni as possible. We are building alumni chapters in Fort Worth, Houston and the Silicon Valley, and we'd love to build more. There are many ways that alumni can be involved, such as mentoring current students, judging competitions, hosting interns, being a guest speaker for a class, and critiquing résumés. Alumni interested in taking part in any of these activities should email James Hollis or call him at (817) 272-1725.

Support the College

Engineers have the ability and the responsibility to improve lives. The College of Engineering is building relationships in the community that benefit industry, alumni, current and future students, employers, and the College itself.

Please consider giving to the College of Engineering. Every gift matters, regardless of its size. Your gift, in the form and for the purpose you choose, will play a crucial role in the progress and continuing success of Maverick Engineers. Your gifts enrich our students' educational experience and increase our competitive edge among our peers.

To donate, or to discuss giving opportunities, please email Michael J. G. McLaughlin or call him at (817) 272-5216.

Give Now

Industry Partners

Representatives of local industry who wish to pursue collaboration or research opportunities, hire students for internships or co-ops, or support student success through partnerships with the College, should email Ron Smith or call him at (817) 272-2502. 

Please also consider donating to the College of Engineering Dean's Excellence Fund. Your donation will support student success, scholarships and programs that will prepare our students to be outstanding members of the workforce upon graduation.

Distinguished Alumni

A number of College of Engineering graduates have been recognized by the University as Distinguished Alumni for their individual achievements.

Office of Alumni Relations

UTA’s Office of Alumni Relations engages in establishing and promoting a lasting, supportive relationship among students, alumni, the University, and the community.

Office of Alumni Relations