Suyun Ham, Ph.D.

Civil Engineering Department

Research Interests:

  • Advanced non-destructive evaluation: non-linear, coda, and diffuse wave
  • Fully contactless damage assessment of infrastructures
  • Autonomous, in-site, and rapid bridge/pavement inspection
  • Low-cost real-time wireless monitoring system
  • Incoherent backscattering energy approach to characterize internal microcracking damage
  • Sensor development: contactless electrostatics transducer, MEMs, Bio-spired multiwall-CNT

Funded Research Topics & Sponsoring Agency(ies):

  • Condition Evaluation of Concrete Runway Pavement with Automated Acoustic Scanning System
  • Rapid reference-free crack measurement (RACM) system in concrete using noncontact ultrasound

Contact Information

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Suyun Ham, Ph.D., Civil Engineering