Yan Wan, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering Department

Research Interests:

  • Large-scale dynamical networks

  • Stochastic network modeling and analysis

  • Cyber-physical systems

  • Decentralized control

  • Uncertainty quantification

  • Airborne networking

  • Air traffic flow management

  • Sensor networking

  • Systems biology

Funded Research Topics & Sponsoring Agency(ies):

  • Developing an Open Networked Airborne Computing Platform (NSF)

  • Co-design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networks in an Uncertain Airspace (NSF CAREER)

Contact Information

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Yan Wan, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

634 Nedderman Hall
Box 19019
416 Yates Street
Arlington, TX 76019-0019

Phone: 817-272-2571