David Wetz, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering Department

Research Interests:

  • Electrochemical Energy Storage
    Emphasis on studying performance and aging of lithium-ion batteries, electric double layer capacitors, lead acid batteries, fuel cells, etc. at very high high charge/discharge rates
    Capability of studying energy storage at the material up to the 1200 V battery levels
  • Power Systems
    Emphasis on studying power system design and control when energy storage is utilized as a buffer to installed transient loads
    Small and large scale power system testbeds already installed on university campus
  • Pulsed Power
    High voltage & high current capacitive power supplies, pulsed dielectric breakdown of fluids, solid and plasma armature electromagnetic railguns, among others
    11 kV - 5 MJ pulsed power supply and 500 kV Marx generator on site
  • Power Electronics
    DC/DC converters, AC/DC rectifiers, component level study, thermal characterization, among others

Active Sponsoring Agencies:

  • U.S. Office of Naval Research supporting NSWC-Philadelphia, NSWC Dahlgren, and Naval Research Labs
  • U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Kirtland
  • Small businesses in support of ongoing SBIR/STTR efforts

Contact Information

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David Wetz, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering