Weidong Zhou, Ph.D.

Electrical Engineering Department

Research Interests:

  • Optoelectronic materials and devices
  • Nanophotonics and photonic crystals
  • Semiconductor lasers and optical imagers
  • Si photonics and photonic integration
  • Flexible optoelectronics and optical sensors
  • Micro and nanofabrication and manufacturing

Funded Research Topics & Sponsoring Agency(ies):

  • JTO MRI: Power Scalable Electrically Driven Monolithic IR Surface Emitting Semiconductor Lasers (DoD JTO)
  • PFI-TT: Bioresorbable Integrated Photonic Sensing Platform for Brain Implant (NSF)
  • Carrier dynamics and modulation properties of low dimensional quantum structures in photonic crystal cavities for high speed and energy efficient emitters (DoD ARO)

Contact Information

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Weidong Zhou, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering