Tuition Support FAQs

Graduate Tuition Support Frequently Asked Questions

In spring 2023, the Graduate School announced expanded tuition support for students enrolled in Ph.D. and select master’s programs. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about UTA’s graduate tuition support policy.

The qualifying positions are salaried graduate teaching assistant (GTA), graduate teaching associate (GTA), graduate research assistant (GRA), and graduate research associate (GRA). Graduate assistants who are paid hourly do not qualify for tuition support. Other student employment positions do not qualify for tuition support.
Students must meet other requirements described in the Graduate Assistantship and Associateship Policy in the University Catalog. These conditions include admission status, acceptable English proficiency for GTAs, good academic standing, satisfactory academic progress in their degree program, and satisfactory performance in the GTA or GRA role for continued appointment in that role.

Students must also enroll for the course load required under the policy. In most cases, this requirement is nine credit hours in fall and spring semesters and six credit hours in the summer. The nine-hour minimum registration limit may be reduced to six credit hours for thesis and dissertation students who have completed all required coursework and are registered for thesis or dissertation research only.

Ph.D. students who complete a minimum of nine hours of dissertation research (in 6399, 6699, 6999 and/or 7399 courses) prior to graduation can meet the minimum enrollment requirements during the term they intend to defend and graduate by enrolling in a 7399 course.
In many cases, there will be an increase in tuition support. There are some students in GTA or GRA positions who were receiving support for 100% of tuition and mandatory fees before this policy took effect. In those cases, the individual will not receive additional financial support. Students who were receiving an amount less than 100% of tuition and mandatory fees will receive an increase.

Tuition support will cover 100% of tuition and mandatory fees for enrollment up to the number of credit hours required under the Graduate Assistantship and Associateship Policy in the University Catalog. Students who enroll for credit hours above this requirement will have to pay tuition and fees for the additional hours. The fees defined as “mandatory” are explained at Student Accounts under the subheading “Tuition and Mandatory Fees.”

Fees not covered by tuition support include parking, course fees charged for field trips, private music instruction, class fees for distance education, and others. It also does not cover charges for health insurance.

You should apply for the program following the procedures described on the Graduate Admissions webpage. You should also talk to the Graduate Advisor for the Ph.D. program that you are applying to and tell them that you want to be considered for a GTA or GRA position. Each program has its own process for considering such requests. It is also important to discuss your interest in doctoral studies with the graduate advisor and other program faculty. Your application is usually strengthened when they know about your research interests and your other academic and professional interests.