Capstone Project Policies

Policy: Five-Year / Fast Track Programs and the Capstone Project (Spring 2013)

Added: 2013-02-04

Students enrolled in a five-year or Fast Track program in which they receive both their Bachelor's and Master's degrees simultaneously, may not use their Master's thesis or other final project to fulfill the Honors College Capstone Project requirement.

Policy: Time to completion of the Honors degree (Fall 2009)

Added: 2009-09-02

Prospective Honors graduates must submit all materials for the Capstone Project no later than ten days before their scheduled commencement exercise.

Under extraordinary circumstances (and only by petition submitted to the Executive Committee of the Honors College no later than ten days before their scheduled commencement exercise), a student's time to completion may be extended. The extension granted will in no case exceed one long semester.

Policy: Selection of a thesis mentor (Spring 2008)

Added: 2008-01-17

Because the Honors thesis/creative activity project is the culmination and signature product of a student's Honors degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, only full-time UT Arlington faculty members are permitted to serve as thesis/creative activity mentors. Thus, Honors students cannot conduct their Honors thesis research, creative activity or group project under the direct supervision of a faculty member at another university, professional school or research institution.

Policy: Thesis requirement for students seeking an Honors Degree in a Dual Baccalaureate/Masters Degree Program (Summer 2007)

Added: 2007-08-07

Honors students in dual Baccalaureate/Masters Degree programs must complete an Honors research or creative activity thesis that is separate and distinc from any thesis project required for awarding of the Masters degree (i.e., the student's Masters Thesis or capstone project cannot also be submitted as an Honors thesis). The student's Honors thesis must be on a topic within his/her undergraduate major and must be mentored by a faculty member in the department granting the student's baccalaureate degree. Students may apply up to six credit hours of graduate course work as courses for Honors credit. However, they must submit a designation form applying for Honors credit for that graduate course to the Honors College within the first 30 days of the long semester in which they enrolled in the course. The Honors thesis must be submitted at the latest by the appropriate deadline during the last semester that they are enrolled in a dual Baccalaureate/Masters Degree program.

Clarification: Presentation of Research / Project at HRS or ACES (Fall 2005)

Updated: 2009-09-09

All students completing an Honors degree are required to make an oral presentation on their Capstone Projects in the fall or spring semester at the Honors Research Symposium (HRS).

The nature of some projects requires additional presentations that take place on or off campus. While students might be obliged to do such presentations as part of related course(s), those presentations will not fulfill the requirement for graduating with the Honors Degree.

New: Students who are enrolled in a five-year program that awards an undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time can schedule their oral presentations at any point in the program.

Updated 2015-01-07: Revised to change HURCA to HRS
Revised 2009-09-09: Text revised to reflect Capstone Projects, and restrict presentation venue to HURCA only.
Updated 2005-11-14: Revised to restrict presentations to HURCA and ACES

Update: Selection of Faculty for Honors Thesis/Project and Honors Credit Contract Courses (Spring 2005)

Added: 2005-03-15

In an effort to provide students with an exceptional academic experience, the Honors College seeks to designate for Honors credit courses taught by some of the most rigorous faculty in the university. Students are strongly encouraged to approach course instructors who are full-time, tenured/tenure track faculty members or lecturers for Honors Contract Course Credit. In order to ensure rigor and maintain consistency, graduate students and part-time, adjunct faculty members should not supervise Honors contract course work. Any exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the Honors College.